This service is for the connoisseur. No surface is left untouched. We meticulously set out to treat your vehicle with the key objective of adding value, we aim to leave the vehicle looking better than when it left the factory.

The Pura Detail 

Engine Bay Degreased, Steamed & Dressed

Vehicle Wheels Off Decontamination & Wash

Vehicle Arches/Brakes/Suspension Washed & Protected

Vehicle Citrus Pre Washed

Vehicle pH Neutral Snow Foam

Vehicle Safe Wash (Dual Bucket pH Neutral)

Vehicle Paint Iron & Tar Decontaminated 

Vehicle Towel & Blown Dry

Three Stage Paint Correction/Enhancement (95-99% Defect Removal)

Vehicle Headlights & Taillights Restored

Vehicle Paint Refined Modesta P-01A (Water Like Paint Perfection)

Modesta BC-04 Nano Ceramic Coating (5 year)

Modesta BC-06 (Caliper & Wheel Coating)

Short Wave Infrared Coating Curing Process

Vehicle Exterior Plastics Rejuvenated

Modesta EPC (Exterior Plastic Coating)

Vehicle Exterior Glass Refined

Modesta EGC (Exterior Glass Coating)

Vehicle Interior Surfaces Cleansed 

Vehicle In Depth Vacuum

Vehicle Matts & Carpets Washed, Extracted & Protected with SmartFabric

Vehicle Leather Exfoliated to Cleanse and Open Pores

Modesta LPS Leather Protection System

Vehicle Door Rubbers Rejuvenated Using Aerospace Technology

Vehicle Tyres Kamikaze Tyre Coating

Vehicle Air Purified

Quality Control Check



Price - £1,800.00 Duration - 6 days

We also offer; Wheel Refurbishment And Paintless Dent Removal Please Enquire Below