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We focus on the trade, with over 75% of our workload consisting of the preparation of vehicles..pre sale. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and the delivery of a quality and efficient service for our clients. The goal for us is to add VALUE to the vehicles in question.. Thus catalysing an easy sale for the trader. 


Sale Preparation Valet

- Vehicle Engine Bay/Shuts Cleaned & Dressed
- Vehicle Wheels & Arches Decontaminated & Washed 
- Vehicle Citrus Pre Washed
- Vehicle pH Neutral Snow Foam
- Vehicle Safely Washed 
- Vehicle Towel & Blown Dry
- Vehicle Protected (3
 Month Ceramic Sealant)
- Vehicle Interior In Depth Vacuum
Seat/Mat Extraction (If applicable)
Leather Rejuvenation (If applicable)

- Vehicle Interior Plastics Cleansed & Disinfected
- Vehicle Glass Refined

- Vehicle Exterior Plastics Rejuvenated 
- Vehicle Tyres Dressed
- Vehicle Air Freshened 

Minor Scratches Removed
- Quality Control Check

Price £125.00

Additional Trade Services

- Full Car Machine Polish - £200.00
- 2 Year Ceramic Coating - £150.00
- Leather Protection - £75.00
- Fabric Protection - £75.00
Vehicle Decontaminated (Iron & Tar) - £50
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